George Orwell – “Coming Up for Air”

We’re all bought, and what’s more, we’re bought with our own money. Every one of these poor towntrodden bastards, sweating his guts out to pay twice the proper house for a brick dolls’ house that’s called Belle Vue because there’s no view and the bell doesn’t ring – every one of these poor suckers would die on the filed of battle to save his country of Bolshevism.

Milan Kundera – “Identitatea”

Nu poti sa ai un copil si sa dispretuiesti lumea, lumea reala, pentru ca in lumea asta l-ai adus. Din cauza copilului suntem legati de lume, ne gandim la viitorul ei, participam de bunavoie la zgomotele ei, la vanzoleala ei, ii luam in serios prostia incurabila.